Sculpt with Hand, Work with Heart
Nov 24 2010

Ollanytaytombo – Alien Giant with old chief


The big giant “god” figure is the most astonishing image in the guide-book long before my trip. Quite frankly, I was sort of disappointed when I saw the real figure since I thought it can be carved out of a mountain.
However, these giant steps to the Sun Temple at its top marked me an unforgettable memory. It’s 2,792 m (9,160 ft), and jumping and shouting is a sure not to do when you still not adjust well to high altitude. (However, when I had arrived Amantani of Lake Titicaca later climbing somewhat at 3800m, I feel very near to collapse)
I like the view from top of mountain seeing Valley River intertwined and change its curve in front the sculpted mountain, I suppose it should be fairly dramatic when the river flooded.
The so call “Inca” chief face right at the silhouette profile of mountain capture the 1st light at winter solstice at is eye, sound mysterious but poetic, isn’t it?
Afterward…it’s the time for the train ride…Machu Picchu —WE ARE COMING!!!

the scale of rock

valley with agriculture

the big chief

the giant

overall view of valley

Bazaar.. I had been bugging to buy a book for 50 sole here and not be able to cut it down to 40. I gave up, but regret afterward since nowhere else again during my trip I can get this book. After all I knew, this book had been only sold in Cusco(weird). If you would buy in Amazon now, it’s 100 USD. Should got a stack when I had chance~

before the train ride


Nov 11 2010

Sacsayhuamán or Saksaq Waman, Sacsahuaman or Saxahuaman – you call whatever you want, just not like the way we did – Sexy Women


Sacsayhuamán or Saksaq Waman, Sacsahuaman or Saxahuaman – you call whatever you want, just not like the way we did – Sexy Women

We were at 3700 masl (meter above sea level)- close to the tip of Yuhshan Mountain; this stone work complex was completed during early-Inca (Killke Period). Currently this place host festival during the winter solstice (our summer solstice in north hemisphere). The stone work with abstract figure continues throughout three terrace wall around the plaza. I was still amazed with the stone work that interlocks with keyed in only even I had seen tons of photos of it.

Unfortunately the tour guide seems lack of interest in showing us the whole site so we never get the chance to go to the upper terrace. It was said the Saksaq Waman represent the 3 winkle of the puma’s head – like the picture below. What do you say?
Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_32

Can you spot a fish out of this photo?
Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_01
Meet the Team!!
Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_13
View Over the city
Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_50