Sculpt with Hand, Work with Heart
Dec 6 2011

Latest Print – Sculpture Figure Head


An abstract graphic of a head figure of a Indian portrait with exhausted decorated outfit.

This is a hand cut Philippine Mahogany (Luan) block print Image/Paper is 14”x10″ – Printed with water base Black mix Red Ink on Hosho 71gsm Mulberry fiber paper
. Signed and numbered.
indian head shot _sm


Dec 6 2011

Latest Print- Cliff Land , a spiritual landscape


I try to create a fictional landscape in the deep forest, a place where all mysterious part of nature occurs. You will be experience sensational and spiritual feeling as if go through a deep meditation. It’s like being at the edge of a cliff, extremely horrified but also frees you up to the unknown possibilities.

Print using one Lino Block and one Philippine Mahogany (Luan) with hand applied textures
Image/Paper is 14”x10″ – Printed with water base Black mix Blue Ink on 250 gsm Lenox 100 cotton paper.



Dec 6 2010

New York Skyline – An abstract image represents a city I live.


The wood block grain can sometimes be fairly frustrated when you try to be as precise as possible. With a little of mis-forced on your knife, the fine edge chipped away fairly quickly. But working image in an abstract form can turn this toward your advantage. I kind of like the pattern on Mahogany and you can work with those line as vertical or speedy elements as in your image.

Anyway, the bottom line is: You just carve on to these blocks and forget the finicky detail you have on your paper, its kind of fun this way to play w/ your block.

manhattan a
This is a hand block print. Using Philippine Mahogany (Luan) with hand applied textures.
Image/Paper is 8×11″ – Printed with water base ink and gouache on 100% cotton paper, 250 gsm.