Sculpt with Hand, Work with Heart

My first sight of Cusco City


Just two days before we arrive, Cusco was “hosting” a strike started from Espinar against Majes-Siguas project – (an infrastructure project that brings water from Andes Mountain to its capital Lima). Protesters are mainly farmers from Espinar far south. The train to Machu Picchu was suspended for two days and trapped a lot of tourists. With all the negative chances we might encounter, the strike eventually stopped on the day we arrived.

The road represents an aftermath of such event, covered with road block and stone debris.
After we enter the city, the road is paved with cobblestone – probably limestone?
The road is really bumpy but somehow I’m not car sick –just yet. Most of the cars are all relative small and a lot of them are second hand Japanese car, our Minivan seems quite luxury compare to those. Not soon after arrive hotel, the high altitude sickness kick in. My head start blowing up gradually and eventually I went all collapse two day after.

I caught a shot of Llama right outside of hotel.
And…it was not until later of my trip that I realized I should pay for the right to take a photo of Llama … say one sole.
So…the city’s economic is heavily rely on tourist, Cusco”er” dress up their traditional clothes with Llama posing around tourist spot. You can see now the strike probably hurt us tourist, but down the line – hurt them the most.


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