Sculpt with Hand, Work with Heart

Macchu Picchu & Huayna Picchu Part 1


My high altitude sickness temporary went away shortly after I had arrived Angus Calientes.
After a short night, we headed on to the scarcest archeology site of this trip – Machu Picchu. The original name of the city is still unknown so it borrows from the name of mountain called by the native. “Machu Picchu” means new mountain. Looking out from the bus on the whiny road seeing those figured rock filled with moss reminds me of the animation film – Avatar. It’s an emotional sensational experience, I’ve been waiting this moment to cure my ill mental poisoned by my materialize life.
Rock over here layout in a different way than those in Cusco, it’s less dressed and w/ more practical purpose. They served as a retaining wall to sculpt the endless layers of terrace. By using granite versus the limestone you see elsewhere in Peru makes it the least porous structure that support a highly functioned irrigation system which prevent the city from erosion after hundreds of years.

The Sun Temple
The exquisite sun temple layout in a way demonstrate the believe of ancient Inca. The temple wall build on top of a rock out of landscape. The sun on winter solstice hit right through the stone opening facing east and on the rock surrounded by the stone wall. The landscape rock is carved out right under neath the sun temple and as the home for Pachamama (Mother earth).


Pachamama (Mother earth)
w/ a short stay around ruin… we start our long journey to get on Huayna Picchu…



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